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561-427-7268 maintains the largest, most detailed and up-to-date list of stockbrokers in the world.  Our broker records contain home and work addresses as well as home and work phone numbers, E-mail addresses production levels rankings and registration and location data.  We provide this information to firms for recruiting purposes and office location planning.  We can also assist your firm with a wide variety of data processing and data hygiene services

"If you don't hire producers, you have to train rookies.  In these tough markets, the most cost effective choice is clear"

In our experience, there's no more effective way to improve your business and production than to recruit.  Hire honest employees, and you'll never have compliance problems.  Hire hard workers, and employee motivation will take care of itself.  Hire smart employees, and they'll train themselves and each other.  Hire proven producers, and your office production will become the gold standard by which other branches judge their own success.  Recruiting the right people can help a branch manager avoid almost every headache they may encounter.  Every hour spent recruiting the right brokers can save 100 or more down the road.

Most managers began their careers as retail brokers.  They know what was required to build a book of good clients.  Building a book of good brokers requires that same level of personal attention.  Our broker leads allow managers to make direct contact with the brokers they need, and to exercise the same skills they once used to become successful brokers once again to become successful managers.  Expensive image advertising and television commercials are rarely what brings in a good client.  Like your best clients, brokers are influenced far more by high quality one-on-one interaction, than any amount of mass media.  Approach brokers with class, intelligence and an honest concern for their interests, and you'll have no problem filling your office with the best of them.

Our broker leads provide multiple means to identify quality brokers and to make direct contact with them.  Most of our broker records contain all of the following fields of information:

Broker Name
Firm Name
Home Address
Work Address
Home Phone
Work Phone
E-Mail Address
Distance to Current Office
Distance of Home from your Branch
Date Began as a Broker
Date Hired by Current Firm
License Held  - Now Including Insurance*
CRD Number

Estimated Broker Production Rankings by County & State

We can also provide Longitude and Latitude, County, MSA, Distance broker drives to work, and many other custom fields to help you zero in on desirable brokers.

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